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I am aware that there have been rumours for a while, I apologise for that and any confusion this may have caused... After Ten years we have decided the time has come for Le Sanctuaire Spa to make some changes.

We are in the process of adapting our Spa and planning to open our Le Sanctuaire Airbnb Retreat at No 14 Steep hill in the next few months. Our current website is in the process of being updated and adapted to reflect these changes.

We are beginning the refurbishments of the Spa but we are continuing to offer our Treatments and Spa on a limited basis. You are able to book online again via our

Fresha appointment system here

Also we appreciate some people have received gift cards for Le Sanctuaire spa. Anyone who has received a gift card from December 2023 we are extending the expiry period to 31st July 2024.

For information on our Spa, treatments and bookings - Please contact us via:

Telephone: 01522 535 553


Thank you for your support and patience

Karen, Cari and Miriam xxx